WikiLeaks Cables Released about West Papua

In other WikiLeaks news, a newly released U.S. diplomatic cable reveal the Obama administration’s decision to renew military ties with Indonesia was made in spite of serious concerns expressed by its own diplomats about the Indonesian military’s activities in the province of West Papua. The Australian newspaper The Age reports the cables show the United States fears that the Indonesian government’s neglect, rampant corruption and human rights abuses are stoking unrest in the region. The leaked embassy cables also reveal that U.S. diplomats privately blame Jakarta for instability and "chronic underdevelopment" in West Papua, where military commanders have been accused of drug smuggling and illegal logging rackets across the border with Papua New Guinea. In addition, the cables confirm that the U.S. mining company Freeport-McMoRan has paid millions of dollars to members of the Indonesian security forces to help "protect" its operations. SOURCE

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